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Take a Next Step by volunteering at The Crossing Church

Current Serving Opportunities

Missions Council & Crossing Cares

Whether it's our local community service opportunities, larger missions trips, or our on-going relationship with Rocky Mountain Elementary right up the road, we want your help to be the hands and feet of Jesus beyond the walls of the church!

Or be a part of a ministry specifically created during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. We never forget about those that may be unable to leave their homes due to medical reasons or who might just be homebound. Interested in helping with small projects for shut-ins or running errands for those who can't get out? Crossing Cares is the place for you!

Men's/Women's Ministry

Looking to help organize these specific ministries at The Crossing Church? We'd love to partner with willing leaders for Bible studies, prayer gatherings, and special retreats for people that are journeying through their own walk with God.

Small Groups

Interested in hosting or co-hosting a small group? Small groups don't just meet during our all-church studies! We have an active number of groups that consistently meet to study Scripture, support one another, and walk through life together.

If you're interested in joining a small group instead of hosting a small group, check out our existing Small Groups.

Children/Youth Sponsors

Whether it's working directly with our kids and students or providing support behind the scenes, our children and youth ministries are always looking for people passionate about the young people of the church!

Worship Arts

Always wanted to learn a little more about technology or how we put together each weekly worship service? Or interested in running a camera for our online services? We're always looking for help in our tech department!

Maybe you're not technologically savvy, but love music? Do you sing or play an instrument? Then join our worship team!

Maintenance/"Handyman" (or woman!) & Custodial

Believe it or not, the church isn't just open on the weekends. We have projects happening all the time at The Crossing Church, and the work to maintain our building is a big job! We'd love to have more help with a diverse set of projects, which will allow us to keep our building looking great!

Maybe you don't consider yourself handy, but you still want to help behind the scenes. We need help making our space look good each and every week. Regular cleaning throughout the week and special cleaning between services lets us use our space efficiently and keeps it looking good!

Hospitality Team & Security Team

Have a passion for people? Then the hospitality team is for you! Our dedicated team covers everything from greeting at the front doors during our worship services, to setting up and maintaining our coffee bar, and everything in between.

Prefer to help a little more behind the scenes? Our goal is to make sure that The Crossing Church is a safe place for all! Supervising events, working alongside our various ministry leaders, and creating plans in the event of emergencies are just a few things our security team is responsible for.

Pastoral Care

We have a great team of pastors at The Crossing Church, but sometimes there are simply too many people in the hospital or needing special assistance. Work directly alongside of our pastors, whether that's through hospital visits, phone calls, or simply joining our prayer team.

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